Summer hiatus

We’re taking the summer off from blogging . . . back in the fall!


No “street address” for some?

When considering how many people are leaving behind conventional housing–that is, choosing to live in tiny houses on wheels, RVs, yurts, gypsy wagons, and so on–I wonder if there will come a time when a “street address” doesn’t apply, especially for those who live a more nomadic lifestyle.

And as the world becomes more electronic and paper (and a lot of the U.S. Post Office) goes away, might there be a time when a person’s “address” is simply their IP address? E.g., “If you need to contact me, I’m at”


Design for a village

When thinking about the building plans for a tiny house community, I can imagine all kinds of configurations. Houses in rows or in a circle? In a rectangle? Scattered randomly? I’m not a land planner and don’t know anything about “designing a village,” but I bet that there are people in the small house community who do.

If you were joining a tiny house village, what type of layout do you think would work best?

Do you know folks who plan or design residential sites?

What’s your art?

If you were living in an artists community, what kinds of artists would you like to hang out with? Fiber artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, painters? What type of artwork would you do?

Me, I’m a creative writer. Once living in a small house village of artists, I’ll be working on my next novel and raising a glass of (insert favorite beverage) with fellow logophiles.

What’s your dream tiny house?

If you had all the time and materials in the world, what kind of tiny house would you build?

Mine is sort of a cross between two Tumbleweed plans, the Weebee and the Lusby. The one element that I want is the sleeping area on the ground floor (not in a loft). Not that I couldn’t climb up a ladder into my bed every night, but I don’t wanna.

Inspiration to make a model struck one day. Here’s the result: