My introduction

A bit of info about me! I work as an editorial corpus collosum—spanning the hemispheres of right-brain technology and left-brain humanities. I am able to guide psychology writers, trainers, and life coaches as they develop their applied psychology books. I also offer technology firms both an eye for comma-level detail and the “big picture” perspective that takes content to the highest level of professionalism.

My background spans nearly 30 years and the full spectrum of content development, copywriting, editing, and publication management for print and Web. I have edited over 120 published trade titles on topics from Neurolinguistic Programming to distance learning; edited textbooks for higher-education publishers such as Prentice Hall and Thomson Delmar; crafted Web development proposals for companies including Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel; written Web content for Disney Internet Group; edited collateral for BuzzBee, and developed corporate publications ranging from flyers to marketing surveys for global audiences.

I have published two nonfiction titles (House Mates: A Guide to Cooperative Shared Housing and The Mindful Dog Owner: What Your Dog Is Teaching You About Living Enlightenment) and my novels include Deep Structure and Alpha, Omega. In 2005, I founded Verbatim Editorial, an agency that specializes in applied psychology content.

I hold a BA in English, magna cum laude, from the University of Oregon, and I am a Certified NLP Practitioner (pNLP) and a Certified Communications Professional (CCP). My great loves include racquetball and my fabulous Basenjis, Ziggy and Zhara.

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