What’s your art?

If you were living in an artists community, what kinds of artists would you like to hang out with? Fiber artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, painters? What type of artwork would you do?

Me, I’m a creative writer. Once living in a small house village of artists, I’ll be working on my next novel and raising a glass of (insert favorite beverage) with fellow logophiles.


One thought on “What’s your art?

  1. I do embroidery, knitwear, knit design, pattern design, and sewing. Some of my sewing patterns are being used by a charity in Delhi to provide work for poor women, and the items are sold to tourists.

    If I were living in an artists’ community, I would pursue my day job at least half-time, as I am not planning to become a full-time artist.

    How can the people interested in this idea meet up and start publicizing the plan? How can we get together and see if we suit at all? Perhaps we could do some posting at ic.org and do other recruiting?

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