Design for a village

When thinking about the building plans for a tiny house community, I can imagine all kinds of configurations. Houses in rows or in a circle? In a rectangle? Scattered randomly? I’m not a land planner and don’t know anything about “designing a village,” but I bet that there are people in the small house community who do.

If you were joining a tiny house village, what type of layout do you think would work best?

Do you know folks who plan or design residential sites?


3 thoughts on “Design for a village

  1. Hi, I have been playing with the idea of building a tiny house and simply placing it on a friends acre of land as a creative retreat for writing, drawing, even meditation. My hope is that in the next ten years or so others (friends) might want to plant a tiny house on the land as well. Right now I am just saving and trying to find a secure place to build the house (on wheels) and once that is done I will start the process.


  2. It’s important to work with the design as it relates to the specific property and to the stated reason for the existence of the community. My vision for a design would be that each person would have a tree-shaded area for parking their unit, but that they would also be allotted enough space such that they could move their trailer into the sun for winter. I’d like the houses not to be that close together, so that when I look out of my window, I’m not looking into yours, and so that we could plant/garden on our own. But I’m willing to work with others on doing what the community as a whole wants.

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