Building Plans

Proposed building plans for Sovrana Village

WHO: Singles and couples age 18 and older (and their little dogs too).

WHERE: TBA. Locations worthy of consideration: Northern California (near Santa Rosa), Santa Cruz

WHEN: As soon as a suitable property can be located, members invited, homes built, and members can establish residence.

WHY: (a) To have as much fun as possible (b) To fulfill the dream of a vibrant, creative, sustainable community that supports the well-being of its members over years, perhaps decades.


3 thoughts on “Building Plans

  1. When you’re ready, please get in touch about promoting this through the Small House Society. We’d be happy to post a story on our site, and get some advertising out there for you. ~ Greg at

  2. I am interested in getting involved with the project, and Santa Cruz was my first interest in where to build. I’m currently constructing my tiny textile studio and, if all goes well with the plan, will start looking for employment in the area. At this time, although I have funds to become a co-owner of any land, I would need to have a “day job” as I am not able to make a living through textile production.

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